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September 05, 2008


Una Malachica

I am very interested in your project and would like to try something like that within my community. A question I have had about sending scripture verses by twitter is how to handle the copyright issues. Did you have to get explicit permission from the publisher of the version that you are using?


Una-if you look at the front of most bibles you will see that there is a statement regarding how much text can be used before permission needs to be granted. Since we don't charge for our reader, and we don't exceed the amount we don't have a problem. If you are super concerned the NET translation is free from any copyright laws, you can access it at netbible.com.

Una Malachica

Thanks, Chad, for your prompt reply. I forget that the NRSV is not the only translation that Methodists use.

I visited the netbible site and was impressed.

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