Welcome to the Social Networking World of Asbury Theological
Seminary. Here you will find our Asbury Reader online, an interactive site designed to facilitate our world-wide community to read Scripture together in a daily fashion. We also invite you to follow our Twitter feed, aptly titled "Twiturgy." It's a way of staying immersed in the Scripture throughout the day.

While you are here, visit WebParish, what may be the first blog of its kind for a theological school. You will get a glimpse of life on the Kentucky Campus with updates from Chapel, glimpses of life around campus and public ports of entry into the world of worship and formation at our seminary. We
would love it if you would subscribe to our feed, join our Asbury
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means of grace. We are working to shape an online world that doesn't
substitute for an embodied life together, but enhances it.

So come and follow Jesus with us online and off and we'll all be
better for it.

Prayer and Faith,

John David (J.D.) Walt, Jr.
Vice President for Community Life
Dean of the Chapel